Hear what people have to say
Makes learning an enjoyable experience!

"Our company has used Kostas for company training! He is extremely informative, and is able to present his information in an entertaining way. He knows how to get audience involvement and how to make learning an enjoyable experience."

Guy Moos
Baker Boy
Real Life Scenarios

"The employee feedback was wonderful!. Kostas has a very sincere and enthusiastic personality which draws his audience in to listen for more.

The real-life scenarios he presented very much connected with our group."

Franklin J. Fridrich
Market President
American Bank Center
Energizes. Motivates. Inspires.

"Kostas Voutsas – a professor, a motivational speaker, an author, and a corporate trainer – will energize, motivate and inspire you.
  His humor, enthusiasm, and powerful messages will help captivate audiences of all ages."

Don Hedger
Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

What People Are Saying...
Inspirational, Entertaining, Dynamic, Thought Provoking

"Inspirational, entertaining, dynamic, thought provoking and well received by his audience." Jeanne MacDonald, Southwest Area Human Resources Association former President

Energizing, Motivational, Inspiring

"Kostas Voutsas will energize, motivate and inspire you. His humor, enthusiasm, and powerful messages will help captivate audiences of all ages." Don Hedger, President of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

A Wealth of Information

"Kostas has a wealth of information to share, and he presents it in an entertaining fashion." Sr. Dorothy Zeller, Superintendent, Catholic Schools Administrators' Association

Gets his audience engaged immediately

"Kostas was able to get his audience engaged immediately. Even though he is entertaining, his message comes through loud and clear.” Dr. Louella Aronson, PhD, Coordinator of Teacher Education

A Fresh Look

“Kostas is very informative and entertaining and brings a fresh look into the topic of diversity. He is a great speaker for any audience!” Tammy Lapp-Harris, Morton County Emergency Manager/911 Coordinator/Mandan-Morton County Communications Director/Homeland Security

A Perfect Fit

"We were looking for a motivational speaker who could set a positive tone for our annual In-service program. Kostas was a perfect fit! His appeal to our faculty and staff was made apparent by the enthusiastic manner in which they responded to his presentation. He received high marks from our community." Ken Grosz Campus Dean Dakota College at Bottineau

Received a Standing Ovation

"Kostas Voutsas was the keynote speaker at our 2012 Oregon Diversity Conference, and also conducted two workshops for us. His keynote entitled: Secrets to Making Diversity Work.......was very well received. He spoke to approximately 900 state employees each day and received a standing ovation. He engages extremely well with his audience! The two workshops Kostas presented were: "From Suits to Tattoos" and "Vampires at Work." These two workshops had full attendance and employees were inspired by these presentations. Kostas also gave employees tools/resources to help them incorporate what they learned back at their home offices. We highly recommend Kostas Voutsas as a keynote and/or workshop presenter as we felt he was an inspiring and effective presenter who was able to connect well with our employees and give them the information/resources they were needing." Ruth Scofield Conference Weaver

Such a Dynamic Speaker

"We were honored to have Kostas Voutsas as one of our presenters. Mr. Voutsas is such a dynamic and motivational speaker. One student’s comment helped sum up the presentation. He said, “The presentation helped me to see things from many different perspectives and to analyze the pros and cons of an action to determine if it is ethical.” If each of the students present were to come away from Mr. Voutsas presentation with that same thought, we certainly accomplished what we set out to do for the day!" Sally Paulson Program Director, Bismarck-Mandan Chamber

Very Entertaining and Dynamic Speaker

“Kostas was a very entertaining and dynamic speaker. Using humor and real world examples, Kostas spoke on the many generational differences between people in our current workforce. More importantly, he gave us the tools and techniques to use when managing and working with people from different generations. As a park and recreation professional, I found this very informative and relevant to our field. I highly recommend Kostas and feel other organizations could greatly benefit from his presentations.” RaNae Jochim, CTRS/CPRP North Dakota Recreation and Park Association Conference Chair

Energetic, Engaging, Humorous

“Thank you for speaking at our SDSHRM Conference! The main theme from our attendee evaluations indicated "energetic, engaging, humorous and knowledgeable". Your presentations on "Secrets to Making Diversity Work" and "Vampires @ Work: Simple Solutions to Conflict Management" were relevant subjects that challenged our thinking and provided information to bring back to the workplace. As your conference committee point of contact, you were a joy tonwork with and I appreciate your level of professionalism.” Laura Millett, Program Chair, Human Resources, Risk Manager, City of Aberdeen, SD

Insightful, Interactive, Entertaining

"This presentation was not only highly informative and insightful, it was also very interactive and entertaining! All of our participants shared very positive feedback on the speaker and the subject matter. We were very pleased to host Kostas, and would enjoy having him back in the future." Sarah Meusburger, SPHR, Diversity Director, Brookings Area Human Resources Association

What a Wonderful Workshop!

“What a wonderful workshop! Kostas combined informative, humorous lectures with group activities which made for a fun-filled educational afternoon. For each concept presented, he had an appropriate, short group activity. During our Conference, I heard many others express their delight in his presentation.” Eileen Kopren, Public Services Librarian, DSU

Uplifting Presentation

"Kostas did a most uplifting presentation to our credit unions of the Dakotas. He kept the attention of the audience with humor and involvement. I highly recommend Kostas as a keynote speaker. He will have your audience walk away enlightened and educated on the differences that makes each of us unique to this world." Amy Jo Johnson, former Director of Education, Mid-America Credit Union Association

Brings diverse cultures closer together

“Kostas brings diverse cultures closer together in a fun, non-threatening manner. He helps broaden our appreciation of the world around us and enables all of us to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of vital communications among our expanding, multi-cultural citizenry.” Theresa Will, Director City-County Health District Valley City, ND