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Secrets to Making Diversity Work
A seminar for today's leaders that wish to make good relationships better

With creativity, humor and real life stories, Kostas Voutsas reaches everyone in his audience as he dynamically explores secrets to successful communication when dealing with people with disabilities as well as generational, gender, regional, and cultural differences in today's workforce.

Whether working with your colleagues, or customers, this dynamic keynote will have valuable information that will empower you to break the barriers and prevent unnecessary biases, conflict, stereotyping, and misunderstandings.

Travel with Kostas to the U.S., Greece, China, Mexico, Russia, Somalia, Australia, Canada and throughout the world and explore strategies to making cultural diversity work. Discover his secrets to managing regional and generational differences. And please, share these secrets with the world!

Don't Be a Stranger in Your Own Land: Community Diversity and Inclusion
Turning Regional, Generational, and Cultural Differences into Opportunities

Looking for simple solutions to manage regional, cultural, and generational differences in your community? Confused with your changing community culture? Not sure how to communicate and collaborate with the newcomers from out of state?

Kostas Voutsas' Building Diverse Communities Research Model explores simple solutions to managing community diversity, resistance to chance, acceptance and inclusion.

Vampires @ Work
Simple Solutions for Conflict Management

Get past the drama of difficult people, improve work relationships, reduce stress, and keep calm when kittens become tigers at work. Explore solutions to managing workplace conflict to better lead and succeed.

Motivational Presentations
  • Secrets to Making Diversity Work (Preapproved for Strategic Credit from SHRM's HRCI)
  • Cultural Diversity: The Changing Landscape of Today's Workforce (Preapproved for Strategic Credit from SHRM's HRCI)
  • Don't Be a Stranger in Your Own Land: Community Diversity and Inclusion
  • From Suits to Tattoos: Decoding Generational Differences
  • No More E-mail Blizzards and No Results Meetings: Building Effective Teams
  • Workplace Harassment: Respecting Differences (Preapproved for Strategic Credit from SHRM's HRCI)
  • Communication and Leadership: Making Good Relationships Better (Preapproved for General Credit from SHRM's HRCI)
  • Vampires @ Work: Simple Solutions to Conflict Management (Preapproved for Strategic Credit from SHRM's HRCI)
  • Leadership 101: Developing the Leader within You
  • Developing the Trainer Seminar
  • Workplace Ethics in Unethical Times
  • Customer Service that Gets Results: Unlock your potential
  • Brady Bunch Guide to Workplace Happiness
  • Motivation Guide: Coaching Superstars
  • Say It with Confidence: Tips for Extraordinary Oral Presentations
  • How Full Is Your Bucket? Dealing with Difficult People
  • Problem Solving and Lean Mental Models
Interactive Presentations For Educators
  • Secrets to Making Classroom Diversity Work
  • The Hispanic Student: Strategies for Success
  • Discover your Personality: Learning Styles, Adult Learners, and Classroom Communication
  • No More Boring Lessons: Creativity and Innovation in Today's Classroom
  • Vampires at Work: Dealing with Difficult Students, Parents, and Colleagues
  • Facilitate with Confidence: Strategies for Face to Face, IVIN, and Online Instruction
  • I Can't Believe it's Friday: Generational Differences in Today's Classroom
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